If Samsung sticked to stock android, all of this could be avoided

Samsung lost the most important trial in tech history, ordered to pay up for apple for one billion dollars. Money alone doesn’t concern Samsung that much, it’s the potential ban of Samsung smartphones that keeps the ceos awake at the middle of night. What is worse, Samsung skinned the stock android to make its own dent, regretfully, it’s been fulfilling its purpose by copying apple, which not only makes itself a copycat, but also put the whole android party in jeopardy.

No matter you call apple’s game an act of bullying or pursuit for justice. What’s been done is done. Samsung lost the trial, a heart wrenching day for its fans, as well as fans of android.

Google breaks silence and state that the identified infringement doesn’t exists in the stock android. The company is confident and safe.

We hear chuckles, from Microsoft.

If Samsung sticked to stock android, all of this could be avoided

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