How to intercept live phone calls on an iPhone 6

To use FlexiSPY service to listen to and record iPhone 6 phone calls, the iPhone 6 needs to be jailbroken.

If you’re in a committed relationship or responsible for a child’s wellbeing, sometimes, you have the right to know.

Nothing gets you closer to the truth than when you are the live participant, though silently, the FlexiSPY monitoring solution will let you patch a direct line to any conversion happening on the wired iPhone 6, it allows you to listen to conversion as it happens or schedule recording for the phone calls initiated or placed to a specific number/contact, you can also turn on the iPhone’s microphone secretly and remotely to listen to or record the surroundings.

The FlexiSPY monitoring solution is comprised of three part, the field agent – a app that needs to be installed on the iPhone 6, it inconspicuously captures all types of data regarding the phone’s activities, phone calls, text messages, GPS locations and much more. The data logs will be encrypted sent to a secured online vault – the server, where the information are stored and neatly organized, the information can be accessed through the dashboard – a well-designed web portal that makes it easy to browse, search, flag data entries and generate report for future reference, you can log into the dashboard from any web browser no any devices with your FlexiSPY account.

The dashboard

Download the spy app

Call interception

This brazen feature of FlexiSPY is so bold, so stealth, and so controversial that we must be careful how we use it, or should we use it at all.

Call interception refers to actually intercepting (patching into) live phone calls taking place in the target phone, listening to conversation as it happen, discreetly and stealthily. Setting up call interception is easy, but do remember to silence your mic because you’re patching into the party, anything you say will definitely be heard. If you’re listening somethings that really burns you up, it could be hard to keep your composure, keep in mind that a smart spy gather evidence through surveillance and doesn’t blow his cover.

Call recordings

Any phone calls made to or from your target phone can be listen to and downloaded from the dashboard. All incoming and outgoing phone call of numbers you defined can be scheduled for recording. So you know exactly what’s being said when you’re not around.

Call logs report

Call logs information including missed calls, duration, number or contact name (if available in the phone address book), time stamps are displayed in the control panel. VOIP callas made by compatible client are also captured.

Turn on the mic

Listen to the surroundings of the target iPhone in real-time by secretly turn on the iPhone’s microphone, the surrounding sounds can also be recorded, and you can listen to or download the recorded audio within your dashboard. This feature functions when the phone’s not in use and is idle, so the patching won’t be noticed.

Spy on text messages and MMS

Text messages and MMS sent and received with the target device will be forwarded to the dashboard, MMS refers to multimedia messages which contains video, audio or graphic content, photo or videos contained in the MMS are presented in the dashboard as thumbnail files that their original version can be downloaded. Information regarding the messages, date and time, phone numbers or contact names are also captured by the spy app.

See multimedia files

Multimedia files including photos, videos captured by the phone camera, downloaded from the internet are displayed in the dashboard in the forms of thumbnail files, the original files can be downloaded. Because downloading HD videos and photos could consume considerable amount of data, which may trigger suspicion, so all the multimedia files are presented as thumbnails.

Report GPS locations

The real-time location of the target device can be tracked by the spy within the dashboard, you can see the current whereabouts and a list of places the device has traveled over a period of time. The route history will be presented in the dashboard as lines and dots on a detailed map. The frequency of entrance of each place are noted and presented. If the GPS location were turned off on the target iPhone 6, the spy will resort to identify the Wi-Fi network the device is connected to and determine the general whereabouts of the device.

Remote control

The spy allows you to take control of the phone’s camera remotely to take pictures, the pictures can be previewed within your account as thumbnails before you decide to upload the original file or not, to save time and bandwidth.

IM apps monitoring

Chat history in the forms of text and graphics of the following apps are forwarded to the dashboard:


Facebook / FB Messenger







Blackberry PIN

Yahoo Messenger



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