Recover deleted photos from Motorola photon 4G

Motorola photon is a handset can be coaxed to produce fantastic shots. The pictures and videos captured by this device are saved on its 16-GB internal storage or a microSD card. Both storage type are recovery-friendly. They works like computer drives. A delete command or formatting doesn’t necessarily erase anything, it’s only the pointer to those files removed from the file allocation table. that’s why we can no longer see them. Deleted files can be easily recovered from Motorola photon with proper deleted file recovery tool.

It’s important to avoid using the phone to shot or do anything that writing new data to its storage, as they will replace the deleted files which currently deemed by the phone as not necessary.

This is a step by step guide about how to recover deleted photos and videos from Motorola photon.

First download undelete photo for Motorola photon, the software will scan the storage and brings the files deleted from the device.

Recover deleted photos from Motorola photon 4G

Connect Motorola photon with computer, launch the software

Select drive and scan your internal storage and SD card.

choose media drive

After a while, the app presents files deleted from the device, organized by file types as photo, video and audio.

Motorola photon photo recovery

Recover deleted photos and videos from Motorola photon.

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