How to recover pictures deleted from Samsung vibrant, Samsung charge

Files such as videos and photos deleted from the Samsung charge and vibrant can be resurrected since the delete command only mark the memory block of the deleted files as unused. There’s no harm to the actual data file. The deleted files can be corrupted/overwritten when new data comes in and claims their own memory block. So you should avoid writing any new data to the memory card until the photo recovery is done.

This is the guide about how to recover deleted photo/video from Samsung android-based phones such as the Samsung charge, Samsung vibrant or Samsung galaxy lines.

How to recover pictures deleted from Samsung vibrant, Samsung charge

Download photo recovery utility, launch the software.

Select media drive, if the internal storage has not been allocated with a drive letter as “removable drive”, go into settings on the phone and then to applications - development and tick usb debugging. Now when you connect to the usb on the computer pull down the notification bar on the phone and press connect to usb and connect.

How to recover pictures deleted from Samsung vibrant, Samsung charge

Click scan, it could take a while to scan if the library is large.

Preview what has been deleted, from which locate the files you’d like to have back. The files are organized by file types/extensions.

Now recover the photos deleted from Samsung charge, Samsung vibrant

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