How to recover/undelete Pictures and videos from Motorola Atrix

The real highlight of the world’s most powerful phone comes to the 5megapixel shooter on the back of the device, which cranks out impressive shots in both high- and low- light. The Motorola atrix also functions as a 720P camcorder, and capturing great HD contents on the device. The article is about what to do when the great contents produced by the atrix’s camera lost, due to accidental deletion, memory card formatting, file system corruption or photo loss in transfer.

First thing to do is to stop shooting with the phone and plug out the SD card immediately, this is to prevent the storage from being overwritten by new data. Both the sd card and atrix’s built in memory are recovery friendly types, deleted files are merely identified as no longer necessary and will give up their memory hold to newly captured photos or videos, if new data doesn’t show up to take the place, then the deleted photos, songs or videos remains and could be easily undelete/recovered with photo recovery for Motorola atrix.

Tutorial to recover deleted photos, videos, songs from Motorola atrix 4g/2

Download undelete software, photo recovery for atrix

Launch photo recovery for atrix, scan your phone.

After scanning, the software brings the list of files deleted from the atrix, organized by file types and file extensions.

Choose the photos or videos you want back, then recover deleted files from Motorola atrix 4g.