The screen of iPhone 5 will be scaled to 4 inches

We can be sure that there is a new iPhone released every year, but the details about the events are rarely straightforward. After sticking to its 3.5 inch screen for 5 straight years, folks at Cupertino think that it’s the right time to go bigger with the retina display.

May be it’s the spacious, gorgeous super lcd 2 display on the HTC one x, maybe it’s the super amoled plus on Samsung galaxy s2,  there’s no denying that there’s a growing affection for larger, brighter displays. And with today’s standard, 3.5 inches is just a sin. The question remains if apple will stick to its original aspect ratio, because with the current ratio, a 4.0 iPhone screen will be as wide as the HTC one x which has a 4.6 inch screen.

Also there’s rumor says that the iPhone will be packed with the soc which is identical to the new pad released in March. The rumor is plausible because that’s what apple did with the iPhone 4s.