Surface, will it blend?

Is Microsoft a monopoly that bully start up and stifle innovation? According to the hatred that hold by many noble bloggers, the answer is a definitely yes, even with the continuous stellar financial success, Microsoft has been doomed for many years. Now, with the inception of its very own hardware, the surface, Microsoft ventured into the field where it has tasted failures and currently dominated by its fearsome enemy – apple, the tablet pc business. Unlike zune or xbox, this is where Microsoft may cause potential conflict of interest with its faithful allies. And that kind of things generally doesn’t end well. Like apple did, like palm did when they licensed out the palm os while kept making the hardware. Since google’s acquisition of Motorola mobile, things has been made crystal clear that google’s engineer will not meddle with Motorola’s, google wants to allay the concerns of other android makers that unfair competition with their OS provider’s very own hardware. When it comes to Microsoft, we see no such announcement of maintaining firewalls or gestures, why? Microsoft has zero market share in the pc market in terms of hardware, so it’s less a concern. Second, android manufactures can turn to windows phone, while the pc makers don’t seem to have equal eligible alternatives. Microsoft may be a little pricky in the eyes of pc makers, but today, who makes the code makes the rules.