Samsung: the galaxy s3 was not designed by lawyers

In the past few years, the idea that the iPhone’s design is ultimate and unparalleled has been cultivated into a belief that rooted in the minds of many, when this idea is challenged, the believers bring up this argument, “see Samsung’s doing? They completely ripped off the iPhone’s look, and that made them the king of android”. Ture, Samsung galaxy s2 shares part of its aesthetic appeal with iPhone 4, the similarity is more obvious when we traced back to the inception of galaxy s era, when the market is buzzed over the iPhone 3GS. Apple’s openly indignation has never ceased, and that troubles its chipmaker. This time Samsung manages to do something different, something bold, something that doesn’t mimic apple’s effort, as inspiring the spirit was, the Samsung galaxy s3 received mixed or rather disappointed reviews, other than the outrageous pentile display, the overall design is to blame. So, people start to think that if the design of Samsung galaxy s3 is churned out by some lawyers hired by Samsung who’s tired of being ass chased by peers from apple. Anyway, I myself dislike the look of Samsung galaxy s3 when it first appears, but it slowly grows on me, slowly but steadfastly solidify my decision in buying one. Anyway, I am a Samsung fan in my heart.