Nokia lumia 900 receives mediocre reviews from tech blogs

The promotion blitz pulled by Microsoft and Nokia sure intrigued some, but things are not all rosy for the lumia 900, despite its universally adored design, it seems that, according to editors from the engadget and the verge, Microsoft fails to play its part in the duet-carve out a good operating system.

Apart from the old talks about how quite the ecosystem is, the reviewer iterates that the operating itself is to blame, though being smooth and responsive, the windows phone 7 is just not as competitive with ios and android as it should be right now and it’s a death by a thousand cut. Issues happens during the review process are many, small and old – things you expects would have been dealt with at this point.

So, check out the full review at the verge by Joshua Topolsky, a fine fellow who is enduring the wraith from hundreds of thousands of WP fans right now.