Google and oracle ordered to disclose paid bloggers

There’s a few arguments comes down to closure nowadays. Google won’t pay oracle a dime. The doom of android is overstated and it seems that this trial gives oracle a finger and shatters their dreams of picking big bucks from google’s pocket. But the drama isn’t over yet, the judge oversees this trial has issued orders to oracle and google to disclose bloggers and journalists who’s been paid to do favored coverage. Let’s be honest, as a Chinese netizen I am shocked by the very fact that there’s even a blogger or journalist who’s been paid by google. I my naive mind I truly believed that this form of despicable things can be only conducted by my own government.

Ok, personal feelings aside, let’s point out that the most notable blogger among the group is florian Mueller of the blog foss patent. Now you are saying, it is pretty ironic that a blog sponsored by Microsoft would name itself free open source software patent.

Both companies have until noon, on Friday 17th to submit the bloggers and journalists in their pockets