Finally, Google maps for IOS 6 is here

After months of issues and formal apologies from apple’s offering, now the IOS platform finally arrives a full-fledged maps app, Google has released a native map app for IOS 6 and quite frankly, this is by far the best map app for the iPhone. It doesn’t merely served as a solid alternative to the apple map, Google’s map fairly excels the apple map regarding data, looks and experience. The tech bloggers universally applaud the map as the best-designed maps app on any platform. Compared apple’s first foray in location service with Google’s, Google easily wins in the data front, with comprehensive mass transit data and fewer inaccuracy issues that plagued the preinstalled map app for month. The pleasant surprise in here is that Google’s app even beats apple’s in aesthetics (depending on your preference). It’s the overall combination of accuracy, comprehensive data, intuitive design that makes Google’s app ever so compelling, especially in a time that iPhone users may as well being lead to accident by a weak apple map.