Apple sells over 3 million the new iPad and says ‘pipe line full of stuff’

The new iPad sells over 3 million worldwide since its launch in march 16th(3 days before, to be precise), it is 77 days shorter compared with the original iPad to hit the 3 million global sold. What the new iPad has accomplished in three days also surpassed the sales of Motorola Xoom and RIM’s playbook combined since launch. This feat cast an overwhelming shadow on the android tablet makers who find a hard/desperate time when compete with the new iPad even in the price filed, which has long been an advantage for the android cell phones.

In today’s conference call about how to utilize the company’s 100 billion dollar cash, the CEO Tim Cook said that in this year apple’s pipe line will be ‘full of stuff’, and the customers will be ‘incredibly pleased’ with what will be coming.